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English » News : The Syrian Democracy Coalition : Vision for Syria
The Syrian Democracy Coalition : Vision for Syria
2012-03-16 08:55
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The Syrian Democracy Coalition is an organization founded to create and secure a free and peaceful Syria after the Assad regime has been disposed. The new Syrian government should be modeled after, but not a direct copy of, the principles of freedom and the model of government both set forth by the United States and its democratic republic form of government. For a peaceful and free Syria to be established, it must be founded upon a Constitution and a Bill of Rights to ensure individual rights as well as a stable democratic republic. The new federal form of government in Syria should be one which does not provide for majority or minority rule, but rather a form of government that can work only with the cooperation of all citizens of a free society. The local governments must have rights in order to better serve their populace, but still restricted by the federal Constitution and Bill of Rights. The best form of government is one in which the bargaining table is used to further freedoms rather than restrict them.
The following must be ensured if Syria is to remain a peaceful state free from a totalitarian government (in no specific order):
• Individual freedoms
• Democratic process
• Federal system to guarantee rights of Kurds as second largest ethnic group
• Guarantee of rights of minorities from ethnic and religious minorities
• No monopoly by any ethnic or religious group
• Freedom of religions
• Separation of power between the branches of government
• Separation of religion from government
• Civilian rule and neutrality of military
• Guarantee of rights of non-religious from majority religious
• Equality of men and women